Our Town’s History

For over 40 years we’ve collected bits of information, old photographs and stories about our Town of East Bend.

Here, and in our store when it opens, we’ll be sharing a combination of rotating and permanent displays of our history collection.

The TA Smitherman Buggy Works. Today the site is occupied by the town’s Dollar General.
JG Huff Buggy Works

The Huff Buggy Factory is a book’s worth of history by itself. During its life it was the largest buggy factory in the South. The factory stood on Main Street pretty close to what is now Huff Funeral Home. Yes, they are related. As the buggy business wound down the Huff’s turned to making caskets leading to the funeral home business. But in there too was the construction work they did, over NC and Virginia, building roads, dams & bridges.

Life was hard growing up on a farm in the early 1900s. Here the Norman family takes a moment to entertain the kids… in one of our favorite photos! We call it our 6 legged horse photo. Look closely to discover some help for keeping those kids up on the horse.